Men of the Cloth

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Men of the Cloth

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Men of the Cloth was written by Mikie Lee and Che while they were in England taking a songwriting course from one of the Shark Alley Hobos’ music heroes, Ray Davies from the Kinks. Mikie and Che were assigned the task of writing a song for the two priest characters for a musical based on the 1963 British movie The Servant. Ray laughed out loud during the performance which Che and Mikie thought could be a good sign or bad sign but were too afraid to ask…

This Shark Alley Hobos song has a few surprises. The coolest one is that the bridge is sung by our dearly missed leader Mikie Lee (from a demo he and Che recorded in England while writing the song). It was an honor to sing along with Mikie once again! At the very end of the song you can hear Mikie and Che walking the grounds of an English castle talking about nothing in particular, a conversation that is now a treasured moment in time.

The song features some archaic phrases that might need some explaining such as:

  • Men of the Cloth: priests
  • Admirals of the red: heavy drinkers
  • Beat your gums: idle chatter
  • Tooth music: making loud sounds while eating

We hope you enjoy this new song that reunites Mikie Lee with his crew of Hobos!

Performed by the Shark Alley Hobos Cover art by Ken Jacobs Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Bell at Bellboy Recording Studios El Che Records 2017

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